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my first two pregnancies i had hyperemesis gravidirum does this mean it will happen again?

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Isn't hyperemesis terrible?!  I had it with my two boys also.  Since every pregnancy is different, there is no way to tell for sure if you will--I can tell you that the chances are higher that it will happen with the next pregnancy since you've had it before, though.  Sorry!  I know exactly how you feel!
Prob. not...I had it too and god bless Zofran! lol. Burt seriously I am 7 weeks now and I  dont have it. But with my first child I had it from week 3 till birth.
More then likely you will.  50% chance!  I have suffered 2 times, wtih picc lines, steroids, Ativan, zofran and nothing helped.  I had a little relief but most women don't get it as bad as me.  But there is a study that has been done that esp if you have had 2 HG pregnancy you will be likely to have it again.   

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