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My grandmother gave birth to a still born after giving birth to 4 healthy babys. She wasn't a smoker & healthy as far as I know. Can this happen to me & should I let my doctor know?

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I don' think it'll be too big of a deal for you, but it wouldn't hurt to tell your doctor, just to be safe.  My great grandma had 3 babies and a still born... My grandma had 4 babies and 2 miscarriages... my mom had a miscarriage because she sat in a jacuzzi in her first trimester... I got pregnant twice and both time delivered 2 completely healthy babies. You also have to remember, back in our gradparents' day, people weren't as healthy and aware of their health as they are today.  My great- grandma came over here from Europe in poor health to begin with, back in the earlier 20th century, nutritious foods weren't exactly available to poor immigrants, neither was the education about taking care of yourself, pregnant or not.  That being said, my grandma talked of really hard times growing up, which didn't set her up well for reproduction, though she did turn out with 4 kids.  My mom, however, had a much better upbringing, as did I.
I agree with Stefanies.  But also did they give your grandmother any reason why she had a still born?  Your best bet just like Stefanies said is to tell your ob doctor about it and see if they think there is any reason to look into it. 
I don't think that there is any worry for you having a stillbirth if your gradnmother had one. Sadly stillbirth can happen to anyone. My daughter was perfectly healthly. But sadly I had a stillborn son for unknown reasons last year and as far as I know no one in my family has had a stillbirth.
yeah i dont think that will happen to you but you should tell the docter just so you know so you wont be worried

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