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My husband...

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I was just wondering if any other the other guys feel the same way as my husband about sex?? I am 29 weeks tomorrow and Im not really into the whole sex thing right now! =( We use to all the time! Now that I have gotten bigger we both have just stopped. He says he doesnt want the baby to kick while we are in the process of it. Which I feel the same way. Just wondering if we are just weird or other people are feeling this way as well?

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I think it's a normal male response to be a little weirded out about being inside you where the baby is. Most guys are afraid they'll hit the baby. There is nothing to worry about. The only thing the baby feels is the rocking motion. The baby can't feel him or anything like that. So try to enjoy it while you can before the baby gets here and you're without it for 6 weeks and then taking care of the baby all night. This is supposed to be a more fun time for sex. Good luck. :)
I'm only about 26 weeks and have almost no desire for sex. I think what your husband is going through is normal although I'm not sure because my husband finds pregnant women sexy and has an increased sex drive.
my fiance doesnt feel weird about sex at all! he misses it's been me who has lost my sex drive..I'm just freaked out when the baby kicks while we're ion the middle of doing it!everyone feels different when they're pregnant about sex,and the same goes for partners. its all normal! everyones different.I've been msot scared that my fiance will get mad and frusturated about having no sex...but he's really understanding.
Sex... and pregnancy... Didn't work for my fiance and I. We went to the hospital at about 7 months. We thought I broke his penis. Apparently, it is possible. Luckily for us, that was not the case. It was bent awkwardly, but not broken.

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