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my husband

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my husband really wants another baby and i would love to have another one but its already really hard to take care of my 6 month old nicole but hes already got the names picked out desiree summer for a girl and ryan jacob for a boy so should i have anther baby or wait untill my daughter nicole gets older

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Do what you and your husband think is best for your family.  My advice though is to wait.  Your little girl is going to start going through major exciting changes here really soon and you don't want to be pregnant and trying to keep up with her.  You don't know what you next pregnancy will be like, can you imagine throwing up for 9 straight months WHILE caring for an infant.  I had a friend that did it and she was miserable!!!  We spaced ours 2 years apart and for our family it's perfect.  I loved having a toddler who was almost potty trained and an infant in diapers.  It worked great for us.  Talk to your husband and see why he wants to rush, maybe he'll agree to wait until your little girl is one before you start trying again.  :)
well i talked to my husband he agreed that it would be really hard to take care of a 6 month old and a newborn because thats double the dipers double the breastfeeding double the clothes and even less sleep at night so we decided to wait untill nicole is atleast 1 year old

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