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My husband and I are expecting baby #2, the problem is that I can't stand him, he acts like a child. why is he acting like this?

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My husband and I are expecting baby #2, but my husband is acting like a child himself, I can't stand him next to me and even feel that I hate him. I feel like I'm raising another kid and don't feel support. What can I do? I feel so unhappy.

answers (3)

Did these feelings start after you found out you were pregnant?It could be that all your mama hormones are raging and you don't have much tolerance for his shinanigans. :)If he's been acting this way for a while, try counselling.
If he started acting like that after you became pregnant again he may be feeling scared and nervous. Also, it may be his way of trying to get your attention.
he may be trying to understand a new baby on the way himself and get used to the idea as well as you are. also if you felt this way once you got pregnant these may not be your actual feelings. i would talk to him about how you are feeling and see how things go

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