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my husband and i want another child, our first one was not planned! Any suggestions as how to make getting pregnant easier?

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is there any foods we can eat or anything we can do to make conception easier!We have not been doing anything to prevent it and we have been married now for 8 months and no babies yet! This is something that we both want really bad our little boy is 5 and he needs a brother or sister to play with! I will really appreciate anyones advice!!!!!!!!

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There are several things you can do... start charting your basal temperatures... (you can buy a thermometer for this in the personal section at walmart for less than $20) when your temperature peaks it means Ovulation has occured and it will help you to know when the best time to conceive is. Your best chance is having sex within 48 hours before you ovulate and up to 12 hours after. You can also use Ovulation Predictors, which you can buy at the Dollar Tree / Dollar Stores for $1 a test... you'll want to start testing around day 10-12 and test for a week straight, so the cost per month should still be less than $10 and will pinpoint when you ovulate. If you have a 28 day cycle your O day is typically the 14th, though due to hormones and such, sometimes women will Ovulate either while still on their period or right before it, so you may just be missing your fertile days. There is also a tester you can use that you lick a slide and look at it thru a special lens and if you are fertile at that time there will be ferning, I have used this and found it to be very accurate! You can buy it in specialty stores, or off ebay. The brand I have is MaybeMom. Also, you can get pregnant in any position really, but researchers have found that the ones that are most conductive are missionary and doggie-style, and it also helps if you orgasm AFTER your husband does as the spasms & contractions will help pull the semen closer into your cervix where they need to be! :) And it never herts to put gravity on the little swimmers side by laying with a pillow under your hips with them tilted up for 15-20 minutes afterward.Good luck conceiving # 2!
If you are trying to get pregnant the best way to eat is to eat as if you are already pregnant, healthy and balanced this makes the enviroment healthy and also makes it easier to get pregnant. I have read that sperm are healthier also if your husband eats healthy too. It took me a little over a year to get pregnant with my son so hang in there sometimes it just takes time. Now if you choose to use a thermometer or ovulating techniques to tell your husband we must have sex on this day at this time in this position. It will make things tense and you'll lose the fun of trying. Just have sex around the time you are ovulating and any other time you want. Remember stress makes it harder to conceive.
I suggest that you see a fertility specialist. My husband and I tried for a year before we saw a specialist. They have the best information to offer you and they can run blood test on you and your husband to make sure there arent any problems. We have a two and half year old boy. We have been trying since he was one. I think I am finally pregnant. We have to wait on HCG test tomorrow though. My husband's sperm weren't good swimmers. He had a good count but they didn't swim well. So they put him on L-Carnitine. You can get it over the counter. It helps there sperm swim better and helps with a low sperm count. Hope this information helps.

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