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My husband is leaveing...

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He is in the army, age 21... He just got his sargent (E5) They want him to go to sargent school for 15 days.. UGH! Leaving very soon! We are trying to close on our house this week! And when we do we still have to move everything! Plus get all the baby's things put away and all that fun stuff... So ill have to do all the unpacking alone... im sure i could ask my friends/family but i am VERY snappy and dont want to offend any of them lol. ALSO this is my frist baby! I dont know what I am suppose to do! I see people on here and have heard other people talking... They are looking at pediatrician already and taking tours of the hospital, Am I suppose to do this?? Im 32 weeks and still havent done this... But def dont want to do this alone without him... Any help would be great thanks!!!

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#1 - You need to go on a tour of the hospital.  #2 - You need to find out if you can pre-register and do that soon; pre-registering means the hospital takes all your information and plugs you into the system so it's less paperwork when you are lying in bed trying to have your baby.  You need to do the above 2 even if he can't be there with you and then you can do the first again when he's home.  I know how important it is to have your hubby involved, but you don't want to be uninformed if you go into labor in the next 2 weeks.  #3 - You need to start looking for a pediatrician now as well.  Your baby will need to be seen or at least visited by your pediatrician before it leaves the hospital and then they tell you to come in for a 1 week check up unless something is of concern.  You definitely need to start looking at who is in your area and doing some interviews with them.  #4 - Ask your friends and family for help!  You will need them and at this point you don't need to be doing all the unpacking yourself (especially after working all day).  You can do this!!!  Make a list and start checking it off, just think the more leg work you have done now, the more time you can enjoy hubby when he gets home and spend your last couple of baby free weeks together doing fun stuff!!!
Thanks a lot... Do I have to make an appt to visit the hospital and everything? sry new at this.
It's okay!  You know you can ask anytime!!!  Call the hospital to find out if they prefer an appointment.  Some hospitals have tours that they due like on a Saturday and get a group of pregnant women to take the walk at the same time.  This way if someone else has a question you don't think of everyone gets informed.  And when you call ask about pre-registration as well.  Most hospitals won't let you have pain meds or any iv's hooked up until it's all done and in their computers.  They make exceptions for pre-term labor because it can harm you and the baby, but if you are in normal labor and they are expecting you to go slowly, you'll wait until the paperwork is done.  You can also look at your hospital online to see what pregnancy services are offered, the visits, birthing classes (some of which are free!).  We did the birthing classes with #1 and our last class was the tour and the pre-registration.  You may want to check it out.  :)
i would find a pediatrician asap because they check on the baby ones hes born and the whole time u are in for the tour of the hospital im not doing that, my aunt works there and its only ten min from my house so i dnt have to worry..and u beter ask for help while moving alone! lol ..u dnt wanna be to stressed out while moving and unpacking and everything else..just being pregnant is stressfull enough..have ur husband help much as he can bfore he has to leave too
First you should figure out which pediatricians take your insurance. That could cut your list way down. If you have picked out a hospital then you can do a tour if you would like but I don't think it's a necessity. Pre-registration could definitely be a good thing though. I never took a tour of the hospital because thats where my sister had her kids so I knew where to go. I've also never pre-registered and it is such a pain to be there at 12am or 6am (to be induced) and have a million questions thrown at you! Definitely gather as much help as you can from whoever you can get! You shouldn't be doing a lot of lifting and bending this late in the game. Plus who likes moving? And to do it alone? We moved right before we got prgnant and now we are going to have to move again! If they love you they will understand this is hard on you and makes you snappy. Good luck and try to take it easy you all ready do sooo much! Btw what did your boss decide about you bringing your little boy with you to work?
Thanks everyone... and they decided to let me have a trail period... I guess with all the info I gave them like an exta 2 weeks off, getting off at 5 no matter what and more they got scared lol...
yes and with the moving and unpacking to make it much easy have as much help what i would do is label each box excactly where they go to each room as they are bringing it in have them put it in the room they belong in this way u can work on one room at a time start with the most important room plus this way u have nothing to carry they can be right where u need them to unpack
Double check about how tricare does pediatritians, I know they choose our PCM unless we get and off base referal, Im 27 weeks, and they will be refering us to our pediatritian, I can change him/her later if I decide I dont like them, its hard to interveiw the ones on base cause they are so busy. But double check so you daont have to be so stressed.I dont know much about anything else, other than theres a rumor that once you hit so far along in your pregnancy they cant ship you husband anywhere but Im not sure if thats true, I heard from a few Sgts here but idk if its the same there. Best thing if your worried call someone on base to help if you need to Im sure some of the inactives can help you unoack and such while he is gone. If you have any other questions let me know Ill see what I can find out down here on my end. Good luck with everything and Congrars on the little one and the Promotion.

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