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my husbands family

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my husbands family wanted me to name my daughter (nicole alice walker) but me and my husband wanted to name her (kylie desiree walker) so we did and now his family calls her nicole alice and they are always telling her that her name is nicole alice walker and then if i tell them to stop telling my daughter her name is nicole when her name is kylie they get mad what should i do

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Your husband should put his foot down since they are his family. He needs to tell them that you guys gave the name you wanted her to have and if they can't be grown up enough to get over themselves then maybe they don't need to see her. I hope you get it all worked out! :)
have you and your husband sit down with them! Man this would make me so mad lol... Keep telling them that its not her name.. you would appricate it if they could call their grand daughter by her name... i wouldnt care if they got mad at all it is your child! good luck though hope everything works out
I would keep reminding them that this is the name you & your husband decided to use & that they had their chances to name their children. Your husband should have a long hard talk with them. If nothing works, as bad as it may be & sounds, maybe the best thing to do would be to keep her away for awhile. Its going to confuse your daughter if they keep it up.
i told my husband to talk to them and he did they agreed that they would stop calling her nicole and they would call her by her name thank you for your support
I'm so glad to hear that things worked out!
Glad to hear it worked out.

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