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this is my second pregnancy and iam 17 weeks my son is 15 months and i'm trying 2 find a balance of a new baby is coming when he feels li

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i dont want him 2 be jealous wants the baby come home .how can i show him just because the baby is coming doesnt mean he isnt my big boy

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Try giving him special things to do that have to do with the new baby. I bought a book for my son (he's 2) that had the pictures of the fetusd and neat facts at that stage in the pregnancy. I also let him help me pick out things like toys and clothes and he even named his little brother. As long as you can convey that he won't be pushed aside and make sure he's included I think he'll be fine.
Can i just say, Thank you for asking this question.  I am in the same boat you are and the other day my son, (who's 16 months, and I'm also 17 weeks along) and i were cuddling on the couch and it hit me.  I'm going to be a mother to two children under the age of two, and how in the world do I explain to him that there's a baby in mommy's belly?
Make him feel involved as well. Let him talk to the baby, kiss and touch your belly, tell him things about the baby in each development, ask people to bring a few things for the older child to the baby shower as well as the new baby. Let him participate in getting ready and in caring for the baby once it arrives. But don't force him if he doesn't want to do something. If he's okay with picking stuff out or putting things in a certain place but doesn't want to interact directly with the baby, praise his helpfulness and ignore his antisocial behaviors. The baby will likely grow on him later.Make sure also to set aside some time when the older child gets one-on-one time with you. If you and the father are together, you can leave the baby with him and take your older child to the park or on a walk or just give him your undivided attention for an hour or so at some point each day, and at some point you can take the baby and let the boys play together or get some male bonding time for awhile.
Ladies, I advice giving the child plenty of attention. Let your child know that once the baby comes they will not be ignored and then follow up. Whether your baby can talk yet or not they hear a lot more than we think.My son was only nine weeks old when I found out we were expecting again. Today he is 12 months old an dhis sister is 6 weeks. So they are only 10 1/2 months a part. Trust me it is hard at times but it is worth it and one day we will be thankful to having had them so close together, once they can communicate with one another.I mean think about it. They will have a friend close in age right at home. They will go through all the stages together which mean you can get through the sleepless nights, teething, bottle feeding, potty training and much more at once. Which I have found out means keep the camera at hand because you never know when the perfect moment is created. Good luck and enjoy this new journey. I love watching my son interact with his sister even though she doesn't understand who he is or what is going on. I know he is having an afect on her anyway and one day they'll be the best of friends.

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