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my son is 5 yrs old lately he has been pulling down his pants?

2 answers
My son will be 5 on dec 23 of 2010 and lately he has been pulling down his pants and showing off his peepee and I was just woundering is this normal or something that I need to be concernd about? Please help me I dont know what to.. Thank you..

answers (2)

i think that something you should be concern about he will be in school soon in you wouldnt want something like that to happy. is he potty train.
For most kids that age, it is a not-so-subtle cry for attention.My recommedation is to not make a big deal about it. Simply tell him in a calm way  "this is not what we do" or something to that effect. Then put his clothes right and get on with your day. If he is just looking for attention, he should quit after trying it a few more times. If it is something more than attention seeking, I would suggest getting a parenting book or two from the library for more ideas.Good luck :)

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