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my son is worried he will be super jelous of the baby!

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Its important for older siblings to feel needed.  My oldest will be five next month.  She is super excited about helping mom.  My three year old says she is the baby and doesn't want another one.  It is perfectly normal, but important to spend individual time after the baby is born as well as when your pregnant.  Let daddy rock the baby while you play with your five year old, or while the baby is napping make something special with him.
I am on my 4th pregnancy.  It is difficult when you have a child that much older than the new baby.  I recommend that you keep talking about the baby to him. Have him feel your belly when the baby kicks.  Also keep reminding him that there is a baby in your belly. If he seems to get upset when you talk about the baby then ask him why.  But above all still make him feel special.  My husband had our older son buy the baby something from the store.  We have since done that with our other son when my youngest was born.  Plus of course make your son feel special too.  While you still can take him on special trips with just the two of you.  Let him help with the babies room.  Like have him help you put the babies clothes away, make the crib or bassinet up, and like I said before have him pick something out that is special just from him for the baby.  Good luck with everything and I hope this has helped.
I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 2 week old.  When my belly started to get bigger, I told her a baby was 'stuck' in my belly and the doctor will help 'get it out' [she went to all my appointments with me].  We had tried just saying there was a baby in my belly, and she was too antsy to wait around for a kick or two, but the whole 'stuck' thing seemed to click with her.  When she came home after spending a week with my parents after I'd had the baby, I was terrified that she'd be jealous and hate me for having a new baby in my life.  The first week back with her was really rough- she was moody, I was still hormonal, and the baby is demanding enough.  I started taking her out on errands when my husband got home, and giving her odd and petty little jobs to be 'mommy's helper', and she seems happier.  All she wants to do is hold him and play with him, thank god!  My husband and I have tried to focus on her while the baby sleeps so she still gets that individual attention.  These next few years will be rough, there's no doubt, but just remember, you will survive!

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