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My stomach is growing, I feel something moving inside am I pregnat?

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I had two periods last month, and this month it came late and I took 4 pregnacy tests they all came negative, went to doctor they did a pregnacy test, came negative, and now I'm worried, my tummy is growing more. and I feel something moving, feel tired all day sleepy, I been having headache two weeks straight non stop. PLEASE HELP....... I am so confused,

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fisrt of all, calm down! :o) I have gone through a very similar experience. This past August, I too had two seperate periods, September one very short, light one and this month nothing at all. I feel your pain. Every pee test I've ever taken has come out negative. Have you scheduled an appointment with gyn to talk about all this? Sometimes, our brains get so turned on the baby net that it's the olnly thing that comes under the radar. Powerful emotional trip, for sure.Take a step back, breathe and read agood book and try to relax. talk to your doctor before you try another expensive pee test.
i would ask ur doc for a blood test to check for sure if ur prego..sometimes pee test dont even work..but ENS5900 is right, if u really want a baby so bad ur mind can start tricking ur body into thinking u are..a blood test will give u the best result
 I was 5 months pregnant and had gone to the er for some kidney problems, at the time I had no idea I had been carrying because I was still getting a period, but on that day my period did not come. I even spoke to the nurses and Dr's and told them I might be preggo, well they said they did a test that came out neg. and gave me a whole bunch of prescriptions to take for my kidneys....well about 2 months later my son was born a premie. and even family and friends couldn't tell I was preggo (and to be honest I'm not a big girl). So if you feel a certain way make sure your Dr does all tests to make sure. Trust me Drs tend to mess up too!

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