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my stomach hurts alot when i get gas now that im pregnant why???

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Don't know why, but mine does too.  GasX which is safe to take will help relieve the pressure and ease the discomfort.  it probably has to do with your growing uterus and limited space for everything in there, it just adds to the pressure and increases the discomfort.  Try to avoid foods that make you gassy.  :)
The first few months I was pregnant, I could not believe how much gas I had! It was all day all the time. It eventually eased us. If you are not in pain I would suspect this is normal. Good luck.
Ooops! I just seen that you are in pain.... is it 'cramping' gas? As well, around the time of when I would have had my period I would get pain ful gas cramping. If it's really severe call your practitioner... feel better :)
Gas pains are a hassle the first and second trimester.It can be because of the food you are eating or for no reason at all. I have found that if you lay in bed with your bottom in the air (kind of like doggy style) within 5 minutes you will feel better. Trapped gas is one of those things that either you get it or you dont and you are lucky if you dont!

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