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In my third trimester and I am having some pinkish/bloody discharges

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I am in my third trimester, just about 36 weeks. My vaginal discharge is sometimes heavy, pinkish, and even red. Is that supposed to be?

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I wouldn't be too worried, but do call your healthcare provider (OBGYN/midwife). I had bleeding at 38 weeks with my first baby and he was born 5 days later (a very healthy 9.5 lbs boy-I was sure glad he was early). My ob asked me to come in for a check up because it could have been labor starting, an infection, or just irritated cervical lining. They checked me to see if there was amniotic fluid present in the discharge, and even did an ultrasound to make sure my placenta was ok. Chances are it's normal as your cervix is starting to efface (thin out) prepping for childbirth, but it's always best to call to be on the safe side. Depending on your medical history they will know if you should be examined or not.
Hi, Im 7 1/2 weeks and Im also expericing the same. I also thought for sure it was a sign of miscarrage. I called my nurese line, they said it was normal if there wasnt any tissue. I finally had my first OBGYN appointment today and I told her I had blood discharge, and some "tissue" that has lasted for over 2 weeks, acommpinied by cramps. She checked me, then told me she was going to do me an Ultrasound. Of course, my husband and I were ready for the worse... then she tells me to look at the monitor and there it was!!! my baby, and his heart beat, all healthy and growing. So, even though I spot almost every day the Dr. told me this is normal and sometimes they dont even have an answer for why it happens. She told me to get worry and go the ER if I see blood coming down my leg :)I hope this ease your mind a littleXOXO

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