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My tubes are clamped can I still get pregnant?

4 answers
OK i just noticed today that my breast feel heavier, the last time that happened I found out I was pregnant, now I have an 18 month old. Well I got my tubs clamped 3 months after she was born. But now I feel like I'm having the same symptoms idk if I'm getting ready to start my period because I haven't been keeping up with my periods but I have never noticed that b4... Can I still get pregnant with my tubes being clamped, because there not cut or burned. If I could estimate my last period I would say it was the 2ed week of May, in the teens. But i just noticed today that my breast are heavier but not sore at all and been feeling a little nauseous.

answers (4)

I'm not sure about clamped but I know you can get pregnant when you have your tubes 'tied' over time they can grow together again, i would take a test. 
Just meet a women in mt ob/gyn's office that had her tubes "tied" a year ago and shes pregnant again. I would get checked and soon!
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