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My wife is 9 weeks pregrnant and she is freeking out about sex, is this normal...should we wait a month or two?

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No it is fine to have sex, it will not effect the baby at all.  Until your dr. tells you not to have sex then you will be fine, the baby will be fine.  No worries.  I hope that helps.
It is very normal your wife be worried. Its also perfectly fine to have sex during pregnancy. You do not have to worry about the baby feeling "anything" it isn't possible. The further along she becomes the more you'll have to be creative and after the 3rd month she can no longer lie flat on her back because it cuts off blook and oxgen flow to the baby and as her stomach becomes bigger it becomes a little uncomfortable to lie flat on your back. Also be safe and clean  because a womens chance of getting a uti or any other infection are higher during pregnacy and any infection even a uti if not treated early can cause serious harm to the baby. Hope I was helpful.

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