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Names to go with Donna...we want to use it as a middle name

10 answers
My MIL's name is Donna and we want to use her name as a middle name. Any suggestions for a pretty first name to go with it?

answers (10)

emily is pretty
LaDonna ...maybe?
I like Donna Jean!  And Donna Karen.
Oops! I can't read, obviously.Prima Donna means first lady in Italian.Kris Donna is pretty. (Sounds like Kristana)Anything with one syllable would be great sounding.
It's funny you said Donna Jean.  My mother passed when I was a teen and her middle name was Jean.  We are thinking of doing first name then Donna Jean and our last name.  :)
I think you should try to end the first name in an E sound like Lee Donna! :) good luck on picking a name!
I have a cousin named Dona Anne... It's a suggestion...
Thanks everyone!
chloe donna
Bella Donna?

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