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My husband's aunt is having a surprise birthday party for her daughter on the 27th. I'm due the 29th and they live an hour's drive away IF the traffic is good. But on Saturdays, the traffic is NEVER good. My husband and I both don't want to be so far away from our hospital so close to my due date. While at the party for his cousin, they are also going to draw names for who is hosting the Christmas party. Which is a nice idea, however, we will be expected to be there, with the baby, and I'm just not comfortable being around so many people with my newborn, especially since EVERYONE is going to want to hold him, and I can't know if they've washed their hands before they touch my baby. And I don't want to have to carry around hand sanitizer saying "Use this, or you can't touch my baby" because everyone will be butthurt about it. I'm a FTM, can you tell? lol Any and all advice is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks ladies! <3

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My advice to you is stay home! Because you can be do any time! Just tell his aunt you can't make it for those reasons and if she got ma thats one her! She has kids she should understand! Your baby is more important then anything! Congrats and goodluck too you! :)
Thanks Sandra :)
I wouldn't go to the surprise party. Just in case. Why would she have the party that close to your due date and expect you to be there? Anyways in regards to christmas, 2 years ago when I had my son a week before Christmas we took him to our relitives for christmas. Yes everyone wanted to hold him and everyone washed their hands and such. Don't be afraid to ask people to wash their hands. I think it would hurt your family more if you didn't come with the new baby than to ask them to please wash their hands. Most people already know that you need to wash your hands before touching the baby anyways. Don't worry too much, they baby will be fine, you will be fine, and best of all you avoid any problems that may arise if you don't go on christmas. Good luck and congrats!
I understand completely about not wanting to take your baby to christmas. I am in the same situation with my boyfriends family. We are due the 26th of December however have been trying to hold the baby off for 4 weeks so he will be here before then I am sure lol.. I worry about all the people wanting to hold him  as well as the fact that just about everyone is a chain smoker and I dont want the baby around it. Just tell everyone that it is going to be cold weather, guess that depends on the area you are from and that you arent comfortable with going out with a newborn, we used that line because I didnt want to tell them it was because I have a thing against them smoking even if they go outside it wil still be on their clothes.. do what is right for you and your baby. Good luck =)
In regards to Christmas, don't go. Why go through all that hassle taking your little one out soo early? He and YOU will be needing all the much needed rest. If they ask if you are going to the Christmas gathering, simply say that this year, you want it to be a extra special time with your husband and baby at your home. I am sure they will understand
Thanks ladies!  I talked with my mama and hubby last night and Mama suggested that if I feel up to going to the Christmas party, that I say something like "I'd love for you to hold the baby, but since he's so new, I'm afraid he's going to get sick.  Would you mind terribly washing your hands/using hand sanitizer before you hold him?" and my hubby said that if anyone's sick, they're not even allowed to look at him. lolWe live in Ontario, by the way. lol I agree with Jessie, that the family will be more hurt that we don't show up (granted I'm up to it).

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