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Needs an alternative/nickname for a "junior"

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My husband gave me such a hard time when it came time to name our daughter because he wanted a namesake. So, now that we are having a boy, I am sure he is gonna want a "Junior". However, I don't want to use the term "Junior" or the initials "EJ" as a nickname for him. I thought to make him the second (II) and call him "Deuce". Any other suggestions?

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Nicknaming him Duece sounds good to me. My stepdad's family dealt with this issue when he was young. He was Paul David Jr and they called him Davey. My friend's family called her brother by his middle name too. If you two feel that's an option, it would give your man his namesake without sticking your son with Junior or EJ as a nickname.My first child was named after her father despite being a girl. I told him we could use the initials AJ for my firstborn as long as I could pick the names with those initials without using his actual first name and Junior. You may want to discuss this with your man too if you can come to name your son Evan James or something to that effect.
I once knew a family whose son was the second (II) and nicknamed "Two."  I thought that was too cute!  Unfortunately my honey already has a son named after him!
My dad was a junior.  His name was Lewis Franklin and my grandpa was Lewis and my dad was Louie.  Then my dad named one of my brothers after him and we called him Frank.  So maybe you could call the baby by his middle name or a shorter version of it.  My sister also has named her oldest son after his dad.  His dads name is Kenneth Allen and we all just call my nephew Kenny.  If you are still at a loss just nickname him Buddy.
My son in a fourth and his name is John, well grandpa is John and dad is Johnny so we went with J.  Good luck!
My family had a lot of jrs in it.  My daughter's father was a II and did not want a III.
I know a Junior and we call him J.R.

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