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Negative tests, but a positive instinct

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I think I would've been ovulating around the 21st-24th, I already have so many symptoms and this gut feeling that won't go away. The at home tests keep coming back negative, but I even had what I think is the implantation bleeding yesterday. I don't know what to do. I talked with my doctor, but she said to wait till the 10th to be positive! I don't think I can wait that long. Help!

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You just have to wait. If you can't, that's fine but it might just be a waste of money or a huge letdown if the results are not accurate.
I had the same feeling. I just knew I was pregnant and didn't want to wait so I took a home test right around when I should've had my period. It was so light I thought I was imagining that it was positive. But it was there. I would give it atleast a day or so and try again if you really can't wait the whole time.
Yeah, I've taken one but it was negative. I'm hoping it's just because it's way early! I think I'll wait till the 8th or 9th and try then. Then if I have to go back to the doctor the tenth for a blood test. Thank you for all the advice! What sort of symtoms did you have that just made you "know"?
One morning, two weeks before I missed my period, I woke up and I knew for a fact I was pregnant.  It was too early to test, but I told my husband that I'm pregnant.  The next two weeks dragged by so slowly, and I couldn't wait anymore so I tested a couple days early.  The BFP was so light I thought I imagined it.  So I waited a few days and used first morning's urine and got my blindingly bright +. :)Hoping your next couple days go by quickly and you get your BFP!

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