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nervous about sharing the news

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I'm almost 26 weeks along and my husband and I are going to be telling his family this weekend finally. We would have told them sooner but he wasn't ready. I'm nervous about telling them because of 1) how far along I am and 2) we have a son who will be just aver a year (about 9 days if baby comes on due date) when the baby is born. Any ideas on how to tell them?

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I would have a really good reason for not sharing the news sooner. I know that sounds stupid because it's YOUR news and you should share it whenever you want/ are ready to, but a lot of people will take offense to the fact that you're just telling them now.Other than that, I have no idea why you would be so nervous about telling family good news? Whether your babies are close together or not are none of their concerns at all.
I understand exactly how you feel because my second and third are only 13 months apart. I know what it feels like to have family think you're crazy. Just relax and remember... Who cares what they think anyways? I would tell them something like you wanted to be able to tell them if it was a boy or a girl when you let them know. Or you wanted to make sure you weren't going to lose the baby before you told them. Or you could always go with the truth and tell them you were afraid of what they might have to say about how close together they are.
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