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Nervous & pregnant again after recent miscarriage

3 answers there are a couple things. First of all, I took a test on July 5th and it was negative, and then I took another one 5 days later and it was positive, but my OBGYN is dating my pregnancy from JUNE 15th because that was the day after my last period. I explained to them, how could they date it from June 15th when my test was negative on July 5th? I dont understand, and Im super worried that when I go in my baby wont have a heartbeat yet because it will only be 3 or 4 weeks old. The second thing is that sometimes my breasts dont feel as sore as they did the day before...Im worried because when I had my last miscarriage I had a bad feeling because my breasts stopped being tender. Also Im worried about stress because during my frist trimester we are moving (I wont be lifting anything) but Im having to bend over a lot to pack stuff and also my husband is being deployed. Its hard not to be stressed out! The last thing, we have a cat and while my husband is gone I will have to change the cat litter. I was wondering if I wear a mask or a bandana around my face and wash my hands of course, will it be safe for me to do that? Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your input!

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I had an indoor cat and cleaned the cat litter box for my entire pregnancy (I'm seven months pregnant now). Wash your hands and don't touch anything until you do. You'll be fine, especially if your cat is strictly indoors. The reason your doctor told you that they're dating your pregnancy back to June 15th is because of the gestational cycle. You are pregnant for 40 weeks, the first two of which you're not 'actually' pregnant. It's just how it works - it's possible that your pregnancy test didn't pick up the pregnancy test, no big deal. Also - stop stressing. You're not helping your baby by worrying and fretting all the time. Relax, enjoy your pregnancy, and let what happens, happen. You have to take things as they come and just roll with it.
hire a neighbor kid to change the litter box! and stop stressing! i had a miscarriage in sept. and ended up being prego again in feb. the biggest thing is dont stress out! 
As an extra precaution, wear gloves and a mask to change the litter (then, of course, wash your hands after).  Also, if your cat will tolerate it, switch from a clay litter to something made of a different material that doesn't create dust, because you don't want to be breathing it either.  We use Arm and Hammer litter - it's made of corn and doesn't create any dust.  There are also newspaper ones, as well as wheat ones - I think they're all pretty good, though the A&H one we use absorbs smells pretty well, too.  

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