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Is this the nesting they tell you about?

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Hi ladies. I'm 39 weeks and always tired, but today I feel like I need to do something with the baby's room (it was a disaster area til I started on it, now it's a pigsty, had to take a break and ask for your opinions lol), even though I could lay down on a concrete bed with nails and sleep. So I'm wondering if this is the nesting thing they tell you about before you go into labour? I've either started losing, or have completely lost my mucus plug on Sunday morning at 2:30am and I'm 2cm dilated as of my last appointment which was on Thursday. I know both of these things have little to do with labour being imminent, I felt like I should add the bit of extra info.

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It definitely sounds like it to me! That crazy I've just got to get it done feeling sounds about right. That should mean you aren't too far off. It could still be a little while though. Good luck and gongrats! :)
Thanks MommyofZoo! :)

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