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Newly found pregnant could drinking or smoke have effects so early?

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I only found out about yesterday. But was celebrating my birthday about 5 days ago..... Could this have any effects so early?

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The short answer - not likely.It depends on how far along you are. Your baby isn't even implanted in the uterine wall until right around the time you miss your period. So if you just are missing it now, baby will be fine. :)
I went to a friends party one night and could not figure out y a threw up on one shot! Few days later I found out I was so worried! But everything is going great with him and due in a few weeks... Just make sure you stop now =)
Ask. com says that the very early drinking is normally ok but your baby's major organs start to develope at 3 weeks. Your baby should be fine but the effects on the baby if you continue are very bad. Good luck and congrats! :)
no you should be fine..i had the same problem..and im sure most women do..dont worry everything will be good!
i went to my moms party and partied all night and held down all my drinks which really surprised me and i found out about 3 weeks later that i was about two months pregnant and to this day i crave alcohol....its so weird and my dr said it was normal and to try and adviod it still....but it shouldnt affect the baby as long as you no longer drink it...
I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 11 weeks, I asked the midwife the same thing she said that it should effect the baby at all just as long as it wasn't a daily thing and I stopped as soon as i found out. Which of course I did. So don't worry about it.
ask your docter if it will hurt your baby
you will be fine. I lived in a big party house,and was drinking allll the time . when I found out I was pregnant, I flipped out and ran to the doctors office. the baby wasnt hurt,and I stopped that day. aparently now people are saying a glass of wine is okay here and there..although I can't bring myself to drink anything of the sort right now..
I was drinking alot when I found out that I was 6 weeks pregnant with my daughter at the end of 08. I lived in a house where we drank about every day and I stopped right then and there and my daughter was born completely healthy and happy.. good luck and dont stress too much about it

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