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I'm a little bit over 16 weeks now. I starts to have nightmares. After I wake up from the nightmares, I am always short of breath and having chest pain. Is that normal?

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Well I am 22 wks and have been having awful dreams since I was about a month along. I never woke up short of breath and having chest pain though. You might want to talk to your doctor.
Nightmares - yes, totally normal.  I think it's stress combined with hormones or something, but I've read about a lot of folks having nightmares on this and other bulletin boards.  I'm 37 weeks now, and I had strange dreams throughout my first and second trimesters.  But the chest pain... I don't know.  Might depend on your actual physical condition, how much weight you've gained, etc.  I agree wtih tracymott25 - you should see your doctor about that.  If you have an OB appointment soon, talk to him/her, otherwise, make an appointment.  Be safe!
this is my third pregnancy and my nightmares have started yet but the nightmares and sometimes just plain insane dreams were both parts of my previous two pregnancies. they'll eventually subside ;)

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