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nipple peircings and breastfeeding.

3 answers
i have my nipples peirced and i really want to breast feed, i dont want to take the rings out because i got them done just before i found out and i havent had them for long. i know there are sheilds and i could take them out during each feeding, but is it really worth it? i just want some other opinions.

answers (3)

I had mine pierced, and honestly, I would recommend just taking them out permanently. Mine started HURTING from taking them in and out. It's really just not worth it.
I had mine pierced for about 5 years, so I know the commitment (in the form of pain) you've got to the things, but draken is right - taking them in and out all the time, especially when your nips already hurt from breastfeeding, will totally suck.  It'd be a way better idea to take them out now, give them a while to get used to it and heal, then breastfeed.  Otherwise you may decide that breastfeeding hurts too much and give it up, which wouldn't be as beneficial for your babe.
i agree, i had mine pierced for about a year, then i found out i was pregnant, took them out let them heal!breasteeding is definitely good for baby though!

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