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no morning sickness

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Same here, I'm 11 weeks and i've only felt sick a couple times and got sick only once, since then, nothing!
Me too.  I'm 6 weeks and other that not being as hungry as I usually am, nothing.  I guess we're lucky :)
i didnt have morning sickness with my first just felt nausous. i got pregnant 6 mos ago and miscarried, no sickness. im 7 weeks preg again. still nothing so yeah its normal
Im 20 weeks and ive only gotten nauses...i havent had ne morning sickness at all threw my whole pregnacy...knock on wood!
Im 16 weeks and only had morning sickness once because it wasnt really morning sickness i just got to over heated walking to the store and ive felt like i was going to get sick and i never did i just feel like i am going to but i never do
I have two children and never had morning sickness or nausea with either of them other than waking up one morning (before I knew I was pregnant with my first) and getting sick.  I thought I had the flu but a friend told me to take a pregnancy test.  So I did and it was positive.  I never got sick again and never had any nausea.  Absolutely nothing with my second.  So don't worry - you are very lucky.  Some women have it all thru their pregnancy.
this is my third pregnancy and I've never had morning sickness just nausea. So it is perfectly normal not to have morning sickness
Just wrapped up my second pregnancy and didn't have morning sickness either time- ROCK IT.Remember though, just because you didn't have it in the first trimester doesn't mean it won't decide to show up later.  Just keep that in mind in case your hormones decide to throw you for a loop!
I've never had morning sickness, none of the ladies in my immediate family have ever gotten it with any of their children.  Count yourself lucky.
I did not have morning sickness and I am 34 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl.  So I say luck you!!  A lot of my friends have had it count your blessings :)

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