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no sleep, back aches, knees and ankles it normal at 22 wks?

2 answers
im only 22 weeks but i have a bad back and its been killing me over the last few days...i have old track running injuries and so now my knees and ankles swell alot and it makes it hard to my baby makes me roll around from side to side all night and i dont there something i should try to sleep better?....what about my back and ankles and knees? pleace help!

answers (2)

heating pad for a little bit for your back with help loosen the muscles and ease the pain.  Try to elevate your feet as much as you can even during the day, if you are sitting a lot try putting your feet up on something and that should help with the swelling.  Also the support hose helps with swelling too.  Try a body pillow or a wedge to help keep you in place at night.  I doubt you'll sleep all night, I don't with having to get up and got to the bathroom, but it helped me be more comfortable.  Hope this helps!
I know what you're talking about I a m 22 weeks too and I've been having a lot of pain in my back and the right side where my ribs are. My parent educator taught me how you can make a heat/cool pack with putting rice in a sock tieing it up and putting it in the microwave for a minute or in the freezer for 30min. It works really good and you can even decorate it with stamps and fabric paint. Hope you feel better soon.

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