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I am 37 weeks... And havent had any signs of labor... my pregnancy has been so easy, other than back pain, getting up and down and swelling lol... No problems or anything! Does this mean he will come late?

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I had no signs with my daughter until about 12 hours before she was born, and even then I just couldn't get comfy! You shouldn't have any signs until you're much loser to 40 weeks! In theory, they first one normally comes a few days late, but everybody is different!
Not necessarily.  He may be right on time.  You are having a normal and perfectly healthy pregnancy.  Your little man is going to come when he's ready.  Just try to relax!  And don't over think it, you'll know when the time is right. 
Is this your first? It's common, don't worry
I don't remember exactly how much my kids weighed, but both were big and grew very fast. Audrey was always in the 95th percentile for weight until she started walking. Going by a growth chart that would have put her at about 17lbs at 6 months and about 20lbs 9 months. My son was off the charts for height and weight until his first birthday. Again, going off a growth chart he was around 20lbs at 6 months and 22 or 23lbs at 9 months. I know for sure that at 6 months he was wearing 12 month clothes and at 9 months he was wearing 18 month clothes. He's been in 2T since just before his birthday and now at 17 months he weighs about 27lbs. But, he's always been a monster.Keep in mind that all babies are different and they all grow and develop at different rates. Was your doctor concerned about his growth? If not, I wouldn't worry. Kids go through phases all the time and my daughter has been through plenty where she doesn't eat or drink much. (My son has never done that, although right now he won't eat meat, because his normal growth is like my daughter's growth spurts so he generally eats constantly. And his growth spurts were terrible, he'd be up every hour to eat.) Babies eat or drink when their bodies tell them to, so if your son isn't eating he probably just isn't hungry. Most of the time that's completely normal and again, if the doctor isn't concerned you shouldn't worry.The other thing about growth is that it doesn't always happen with height and weight at the same time. Has your son grown in height? At 9 months my daughter was in the 95th percentile for height and the 50th for weight. At her 12 month checkup she was in the 90th for height and the 50th for weight. She didn't gain much, if any weight but she sure got a lot taller.
my son is on the smaller side but for his height and weight he is perfect or was, now hes not eating, no formula now he cries every time i try to feed him ? i just dont know what to do, my doctor said give him icecream???? really if his belly is upset y do i need to give him icecream?? I know weight slows down when they get older but .5 lbs in 3 months? last time he gained 3 lbs in 3 months. I just want him to eat
What have you offered him? Is he just tired of purees and cereal? My daughter refused to eat starting at about 6 months old and would only eat soft table foods she could feed herself. She didn't have many teeth at that point so it was hard to find things she like. She really enjoyed the Gerber snacks like the yogurt drops, puffs, and other food that dissolved easily. (I wouldn't buy them for my kids now since we eat mainly organic foods.) There are also baby foods that come in pouches that little ones can feed themselves. My kids love them and they aren't very messy. I also gave her soft fruits and steamed vegetables cut into bite sized pieces.
In the last 3 months caitlyn has gained 6 pounds and shes like 2 inches taller so I think its normal. I have been giving caitlyn some regular foods since she was 7 months I have a chopper thingy that chops food up so i chop up stawberries,blueberries,honey doo melon ect. I think its alot cheaper and then you know its not unhealthy and sometimes I chop it up into a finger food or I blend bananas and strawberries and put it in a bottle and mix it with breast milk and so you could do it with formula. I think that at that age babies need a change so its good to sometimes mix things in their bottle or making different foods plus if you want all organic then you can make sure they only get organic. If he has a upset stomach try light things like gerber apple juice and cherios but that is depending on if hes getting teeth like caitlyn has her front tooth coming in and one on the side so she can eat cherios and those puff snacks and I put apple juice or other fruit juices in her bottle and water it down she likes it and it always helps when shes got a upset belly.

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