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Is this normel

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At 5 weeks to feel some small light pressuer pain like cramps. Im new at this and II already made my appt to see a Dr. but Im feeling thing I have not read about.

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Some women say they experience light cramping and bleeding around that time that is associated with the implantation. I wouldn't stress about it but if you get too worried or it gets worse call and talk to your dr. Congrats and good luck. Hope all goes well! :)
cramping is very common in the begining.. your hormones may still think it is your cycle so it may feel similiar to that or just your body adjusting, as long as no bleeding accompanies this you should not worry itwill onlymake it worse..
Your body is changing and growing.  Especially if this is your first pregnancy, you'll have a lot of stretching on the inside.  Your body is trying to adjust to growing this person.  If you are in pain, call your doctor, but if it's just tightening or like a slight cramping feeling it should be fine. 

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