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Not exercising enough?

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I consider myself an active person prior to getting pregnant and have tried to stay active during my pregnancy to stay healthy. I tend to workout from home, doing this prenatal dvd workout and have recently started going to the gym to walk on the treadmill and swim. However, yesterday as I was leaving the gym, I noticed a pregnant woman on the elliptical machine. She seemed to be in her 3rd trimester like me. I was shocked to see how she was working out. I went home and told my husband that I am scared to do such workouts because I don't want to harm the baby. Are elleptical's bad? For some reason, now I feel like I'm not working out enough (I know it might sounds silly) Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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Please don't compare yourself to others!!!  That's the quickest way to drive yourself insane.  I'm pretty active prior to getting pregnant too, but I've avoided most excerises right now.  It's hard enough on me to work, keep up the house and run around after my 2 boys so that's my excerise until after this little guy is born.  I don't think elipicals are bad during pregnancy, you just have to be careful with your heart rate and not to strain yourself too much.  I think the excerising you are doing sounds like you are doing it in moderation and keeping your body fit.  Some people are so concerned with how much weight they put on that they put themselves through too much stress and strain while pregnant.  Do what you feel capable of doing and be careful not to overdo it.  :)
When i was just like 4 months i went on the tredmil and thought i was going to pass out and it was walking... def just do what you can... dont worry about others =)
the most exercising I've done, is walking to the grocery store and walking back home a few days a week (which only take an hour there and back)...I dont feel like it isnt enough...I can barely do that anymore carrying around this huge belly of mine!
Thank you everyone for your feedback. I was feeling a bit down but you gal's cheered me up. I'll definitely keep doing what I'm doing and not worry about others =)
elypticals are fine.. the "what to expect" book says u can even run while pregnant! but its according to your body and its needs.i was very active b4 i got pregnant. i ran at least 3 miles a day, did yoga and took pilates 3 times a week. and now, i get tired walking to the front door! lol i so miss the gym! i miss yoga classes! i keep tellin my honey i've gotta get back to working out cuz it helps my sanity! i don't even recognize this new 'pear shaped' body in the mirror! but i can't work out too hard cuz i'm "high risk" orders. :-( ...but once this lil one is born, i'm hitting the gym hard core to loose the 'baby weight' no matter what ppl say!!
Depends, maybe you should not for you with many excercises if you are not used to do this kind of work. ostsee
I am in the same situation, but I have my wedding soon.
Such sort of intense workouts can prove deadly. But exercising without too much strain ais very essential for the child to remain healthy. Walking is a very good exercise for pregnant women stimulating them physically and mentally. Good query.  b   <a href="">Adult ADHD symptoms</a>

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