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not feeling the baby move anymore.... 21 weeks

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For the past two weeks, there have been very few waking moments where I HAVENT felt the baby move, kick, punch, stretch, cha-cha, polka, or try out hip-hop or whatever else goes on in there. Now for the past 36 hours I haven't felt anything. I've read that the baby can move into a position that makes its movements very hard to feel. But when you've miscarried before, there's just nothing as reassuring as your baby moving and letting you know it's alive and well. I'm just not sure what to think. Please help.

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Babys have good days and  bad just like us. But to be on the safe side you can always call your doctor and ask  or talk to a nurse thats why they are there!
When I was pregnant with my son the doctor had me drink a can of coke that had nearly turned into a slushy. Between the cold and the caffeine it gets the baby moving. Try that and if it doesn't work or you're still worried then you should really call your doctor.
I think you should go to the hospital especially if you had a miscarriage before. It can just be how big your stomach is and how much room the baby has to move around if it has a lot it could just be that u can't feel anything but butterflies. But it is always best to be on the safe side. Good luck And pray for the best.
I feel the same way as JASMARIAH. the doctor will do a heart monitor for you. It will reasure you...
Dont be worried.A good way to feel your baby move is right after you eat go lay on your back propped up a little, and move your belly around a little and watch. Or in the morning wharn your bladder is full is a good time too. Be in that same postion. But babies time sleep 90 percent of the  when they are in your belly so dont worry they are just havin a really good dream right now
Just to be on the safe side ask your doctor. With my daughter she was not very active at all in the womb. I would rarely feel her move and this freaked me out alot. She turned out to be fine and she is more than making up for it outside the womb b/c now she is a very active tot.

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