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Not feeling my twins kick....

2 answers
I am 20 weeks pregnant with twins and I am not feeling them kick. I get the tightening and pressure in my belly as though maybe they are rolling around but no kicking. With my first pregnancy I felt kicks all the time. I know every pregnancy is different and I know with 2 it's going to be A LOT different but I am so worried considering I don't feel then move everyday and most days it's only once. I had a sonogram 2 weeks ago and they wouldn't sit still but I still don't feel anything. Is this something I should be concerned about?

answers (2)

did you try eating something just to feel some type of movement. I am not sure with twins how early you can actually feel a legitimate move that assures you they are fine and well. when ever I want to feel my baby kick I drink an 20 fl oz of water n eat ice cream and my baby goes bananas because it is cold. Try not to panic or be concerned try to see what best suits this pregnancy to make them move. Hope everything goes fine.
Try randomly poking or flicking your belly. Doing that usually makes mine very active or hateful, not really sure which one but at least she's doing something.

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