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Not THAT pregnant....

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This is not so much a question, but more of a vent session. If one more person asks me if (1) I'm due soon and when the answer is in February then asks me (2) if I am having twins. I may go pregnant mama beserk on them!!! It's happened twice in the last 2 weeks!!!! I do look pregnant, but really it's my 3rd child, so I started showing earlier and I haven't gained much. I probably won't get any bigger the later it gets because this is how I looked with my 2nd too. Really don't people know that's just rude! Thanks for listening!

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I know exactly how you feel! I had people asking me if I was pregnant when I wasn't and it got on my nerves bad enough that I started telling them I was just that fat on my own! It's hurtful and rude :( then I did get pregnant but hadn't found out yet and was already showing cause this is #4. Everyone always asked how far along I was when they would see how big I was and I would say oh I just found out. They would get this look and say I bet you're having twins! Well I'm not! So ha! Lol. I look smaller now cause I haven't gained much weight but still I feel very offended. I hate that you have people doing you this way :( but I hope it gets better for you and people can learn to watch their tongues! Hopefully you don't have that much longer to wait and then you'll be done. I still have 19 weeks. Good luck! :)
I have 13 weeks to go!  I'm thinking about getting a shirt that says:I'm due in February and yesI'm sure there's only 1 in there!I must just be a cow!LOL!
@ lissiemelLol thats would be an awesome shirt! lolMy father and sisters ask me if Im sure Im having only one baby. They keep sying a baby is hiding behind this one lol.I am big I am 24.4 weeks pregnant and I look like Im in my 30th week already.My firends ask how far I am and I tell them and they go NO FREAKIN WAY! YOUR HUGE!geee thanks lol
I guess we can just start an over-pregnant club! Lol. My mom tells me that I have a baby hiding behind this one too. I keep saying no but nobody listens to me. Its just my body, why would they listen to me about it? Lol. Good luck girls!
I understand. At work, my coworker is always saying comments like "Wow, you look full" or "You're huge". I know he means no harm, he is just blunt like that. I swear people expect one not to gain soo much weight but hello, we have a baby inside of us!!! I just learned to ignore them or when they say "Wow, you're huge" I simply reply "I will only get bigger" and that shut's them up. LOL
I am in complete agreement with you ladies.. I have been asked from 3 months on if we were sure we werent having twins.. maybe its becuase its our second baby but I started showing alot sooner.. and the funny thing is is that we are only having one baby and I weigh less now at 34 weeks then when I found out I was pregnant from being sooooo sick all teh time.. people should really think about what they are saying before they ask anything lol =) good luck!!
Same here my mom got me a shirt made that says hands off the belly or the 5 babies you think are in there will kick your butt! its too cute!!
Same here my mom got me a shirt made that says hands off the belly or the 5 babies you think are in there will kick your butt! its too cute!!

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