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not sure but think i'm preg. need help

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I'm very confused to wheather i'm preg or is it just all in my head. My fiance' had a very bad accident Sept 15 and i don't remember having my period that month because all the stress. Since then we've had alot go on and kinda a emotional roller coaster for me so i was thinking thats what pushed my period back this month. Could that be possible or am i not seeing the obvious? I took a preg test Oct 22nd around 8pm and it said negative. Should i take another test in the morning instead?

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i think its best to take a preg test in the morning ur first urine of the day is best or maybe it can be all the stress going on, or if u want to be for sure go get a blood test & that will tell you for sure hope this helps good luck =)
I would say to take a test with your urine first thing in the morning to just be sure.. then if it says negative then you can either call your dr and ask for a blood test and get the correct answer for sure but it could be stress as well.. I mean if you are goign through alot of things in your life then its possible that has just messed up your cycle.. good luck
Thank you both for your help, i will let you know what the results are around noon. Thanks again.?
well took 2nd preg test and it was negative. So no baby for us but thats ok it'll happen when the time is right. Hopefully my cycle gets back on track soon cause its freaking me out.?
I hope things calm down for you and that you get whatever results you are looking for. Good luck! :)

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