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is ok to dye your hair at 14 weeks

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They tell you not to dye your hair because it isn't likely that the color will take or last very long because your hormones are all out of wack.
It's a bad idea.. I wouldn't do anything to put my baby at risk. Weather it be something as small as dying your hair.. That's just my opinion, If it doesnt feel right then don't do it. There isn't anything that says its bad for the baby, but they are not really sure. So i wouldn't. Hope it helps.
I've always avoided dying my hair during my pregnancies.  I think there is some stuff that is safe to use, but like crystal said the color may not be what you are expecting due to your changing hormones and like Kierans said about putting the baby at risk.  All the chemicals would be my main concern, you are breathing them in, they are soaking into your hair to change the color.  It's something I personally avoid, but you could always check with your doctor.
I've read that it's not such a good idea to dye your hair while pregnant because the colour doesn't stay well.  Just wait until after you deliver your baby! ;)
Right before I foudn out I was pregnant I went and had my ahir done. I wanted a loose perm with blonde highlights and what I got was straw hair!!!!!  It was took a ton of time, money and tears to get my hair fixed.  Plus I had to go short with tons of layers and let it grow out to be healthy again.  It was about a week later I found out I was pregnant and that could have been why it all went wrong.  You never know how your hormones will react. 

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