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Ok .. Im pregnant and these strange dreams...

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I've been having strange dreams since i got pregnant.. Since i watched the movie 2012 .. im kinda scared of the world ending and been feeling scared and its just messing with my mind.. sometimes i wonder about is it really gonna end... is this normal... it scares me because im not ready to go yet... i want to see my child grow up.. it makes me scared to die.. i usually have dreams and most of them come true.. i dont want this one to come true.. is it normal to feel like this?

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You shouldn't worry too much about strange dreams you have when you're pregnant, it happens to all of us.  I've had the weirdest and most vivid dreams of my life during pregnancy.  I recently read a book involving the Vietnam War and cannibalism, and spent a week dreaming about being a soldier in Vietnam and watching human flesh cook in a crockpot.  I've dreamed about zombies, sleeping with the manager at Walmart, giving birth in the grocery store, and all kinds of other strangeness since I got pregnant.  It's hormones and stress, and nothing to worry about.
It feels really good to know that you're not the only preggo having weird and sometimes scary worst one yet has been zombies and feeling like I couldn't protect my kids. I hate waking up with this feeling like if something did happen I'd be too shocked to react. I tell you this much, I'm ready to start training to be a super hero/super
lol thanks guys! you helped me think that im not the only crazy onee ! lol
You're definitely not the only one.  Alot of people told me I'd have dreams about the baby, about my worries associated with the baby etc.  Not me, I had dreams that involved everything from tornados to vampires.  Alot of times they were associated in some way with whatever I had watched on tv or read that day.  So if you are having crazy dreams that are keeping you up at night, consider changing your viewing and reading habits.  Avoiding things that may instigate a bad dream.

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