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ok this is a little odd but i need some in put plz. Is discharge normal?

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This is my second pregnancy and i am about 19 weeks. This time around i have discharge. Its light green and is there almost everyday. Is this something i should be worried about? i read in a book that at this week i would have to pull out the panite liners i wounder if this is why?

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Either that or because you pee a little when you sneeze :)  If it's green discharge, though (instead of white or clear), keep an eye on it.  Smell it - your super-pregnant-nose will be able to sniff out an infection, and if it's a gross smell get to your doctor, stat!
i have had discharge to the docter said its normal unless it starts to smell
most pregnant women have discharge and im not really sure about the color but if it smells bad you should definately see a doctor
its all about the smell :p

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