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Ok so who hAs followed the chinese birth calender?

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DOes it really work? i would love to hear everyone elses results :D

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I went on Thebump website and they have the Chinese gender prediction on there and my prediction was right! 
I followed the chinese gender prediction and it did not match.  It said I was having a boy and my sonogram said I was having a girl.  Chinese gender predictor is not accurate.
Mine wasn't accurate either (Chinese predictor said "boy" and ultrasound shows a girl). :-)
thanx for answering my question on boy or girl.  Well since I have 4 boys I used the chinese predictor & it was right 1 outa 3 times.  It said I was having a boy with my second child who now is 13yrs. old.  This time it says a girl, I really hope it's right.  I'm carrying different than I did with my last son, who will be 1yr on Tuesday the10th.  Also I just really started to feel the baby moving around in there & it feels really low, I had all previous c-sections so that's right about where I am feeling the movement.  I don't think that the chinese calender is 93% accurate, like it claims to be.  This time it says I'm having a girl, so I hope it's right.  Good Luck!
I had followed the Chinese Birth Chart simply just for fun, and I did get a baby boy. The most important part of using the chart is finding out the correct lunar age and lunar month.

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