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Is okay if i haven't gained the weight that i am suppose to have gained?

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The only time you need to worry about not gaining weight is when your doctor is worried.
My strongest advice during pregnancy is always not to worry about what others are telling you- and yes- I'm telling you!!!  LOL.The impression that all pregnant women need to turn into a hippo is such BS- if you honestly sit on the couch and stuff your face everyday, you will.  I'm at 37 weeks and have only gained 20 lbs, and didn't start to show until my 7th month.  Everyone's body is different, but I also stuck to a religious workout routine to keep me in better shape than if I had sat around and twiddled my thumbs (I'd go nuts!).Bottom line- you'll gain weight, and a good chunk of that is the mini-you on the inside and his little waterbed.  If you happen to carry babies well and don't need maternity wear until closer to the end, please hold your head high and be an example!  : )
I am 28 weeks pregnant and have only gained about 3 lbs, I'm not very big (only about 5'3", 130lbs) so I now have to have ultrasounds every 3 weeks at the hospital to make sure the baby is growing and developing right, which she is. Don't worry about not gaining the weight, they will do what is necessary to make sure the baby is healthy and as long as it is, everything is fine!

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