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Okay Im 15 and 5 days should i be feeling more fetal movement?

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I didnt feel mine til 20 weeks
K good that makes me feel a little better.Did you ever have days when you felt more pregnant than others?
def lol, honestly 15 weeks was a long time ago for me im now 38.. so now i just feel pregnant all the time but then it wasnt so bad til i reached week 25 or so
i felt mine move about 20 weeks to and for awhile i would go a few days with out feeling him move but now im 27 weeks and he moves everyday...he has a schedule will love when they start to move but ill be honest he wakes me up all night and i wish he didnt move enjoy the nonmovment while you can cuz they get mean sometimes...
First time moms will feel it later.  You will really start to feel movement between 20-22 weeks.  You will feel daily/consistent movements from about 25 weeks on.
With my first pregnancy I felt movement first at 21 weeks.  With my second and third it was around 17 weeks.  Most first time moms feel movement first around 20-22 weeks.  For later pregnancies movement can be felt as early as 16 weeks.  For you, it is still normal to not be feeling movement.
I felt movement at 13 weeks. I think I am farther along than my doctor says. I am now 19 weeks and have not had one single sonagram. I am switching doctors because I should have had at least 2 sonograms by now.
I'm 25 weeks and didn't feel her move (for SURE) until a couple weeks ago. You always talk yourself out of it ya know. And honestly she scared me the first time she kicked my hand haha! I think she knew it too because she didn't move too much for the next couple of days. But it's fun now because I can actually see the outside of my belly move sometimes!

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