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okay personal, but i really would like to know..

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Did anyone else get bacterial vaginitis because they were pregnant? My doctor said it's very common in pregnant women and it's a bacteria NOT YEAST INFECTION. And usually results because all your hormones are out of wack when your pregnant. I am in my first trimester of pregnancy and I was prescribed Clindamycin phosphate vaginal cream, USP. Is it safe to take it? It says for non-pregnant women and pregnant women in their second and third trimesters. I am only 8 weeks. I really don't want to risk causing a miscarriage. I called an advice line and they said the product is safe for pregnant women, but said nothing about the first trimester. The info pamphlet inside SPECIFICALLY said non-pregnant women and pregnant women in their second and third trimesters. I already had to take a dose cause he said it was important to cure it, but now I'm completely paranoid. He wouldn't prescribe me something with a risk of miscarriage without telling me right? Did anyone else get it in their first trimesters? Please if you did let me know it was okay. :((

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A friend of mine had that in her first trimester and said it was bc of pregnancy hormones.  She took the meds and her baby is doing great so far. She is now 6 months pregnant and everything is going smooth for her.
I've had it in my first trimester twice.  With my 2nd pregnancy and now this one (when I was 7 weeks).  Take the meds they prescribed.  I didn't catch mine early and it caused major cramping, bleeding and because I was out of town my doctor told me to rush to the ER to go get checked out.  It was pretty scary, but the ER doc said that I had the bacteria infection and to take the meds and it could clear it up.  I felt so much better after I was done and could tell that my body wasn't fighting anything anymore; both the cramping and the bleeding subsided once I took them. 
If your doctor prescribed you the medication, take it.  He knows how far along you are.
i had it in my first trimester, and I was prescribed the same thing...Im now 29 weeks and still doing well. According to my doc it is extremely important to cure bacterial vaginosis b/c if the bacteria levels stay high in you it can cause premature delievery and/or other complications. I think the risk is higher to you and baby if you dont take the medication.
i had it also..its very common and has to be treated or can get worse and affect the baby. . i was worried about taking the meds to but the doctors know what they are doing.. i would worry, just use what the doctor told you. My doc doesn't usualy do another test to make sure its gone but i mad them just to be safe because u never i would ask ur doc to do another test after ur meds run out just to make sure its gone..
Thankyou!! I feel so much better now. :) First pregnancy EXTREMELY PARANOID about everything. You know how that goes. Thank you so much now I can relax:))
OB/GYN. So he would keep it safe right?

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