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Does anybody have any good theories on how to self induce labor? I am due today and I don't really feel very different from any other day of my pregnancy. I would rather her come out naturally (or with a few home remedies) as opposed to being induced on Monday.--yup, scheduled induction on Monday. So, lemme know what you've got. I've tried sex, jumping, squats, walking. I prefer ways that do not really require much other than physical activity but if you have anything else, give it to me.

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Nipple stimulation - it releases oxytocin (the natural form of pitocin, used to induce labor).  Also, tell your partner (provided you have one) that you love them, and be really sweet to him/her :) Or, you could trust your body to know when the baby is 'done,' and let her come naturally.  2 weeks past due is a bit long, but you'll probably pop before that :)
You could try Castor Oil.... 2 table spoons in orange juice or koolaid then in a couple hours 2 more table spoons. WARNING!!!!! THIS CAN CAUSE BABY TO BECOME STRESSED AND HAVE A BOWEL MOVEMENT WHILE INSIED, WHICH WOULD PROBALLY LEAD TO A C-SECTION! Check with your DR. Also it stimulates your bowel and you will have the sh*ts.
spicy food is also supost to help
try laying on the bed and hikeing your legs up like the docter tells you to when you having the baby and then push and count to 10 do that 2 times unless it breaks your water the 1 time thats what my friend did to break her water because she didnt want to be indueced at the hospital it worked for her

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