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OMG!!! Ugh!

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I kno dnt kno how, y, or wat i did rong wen i postd my last post sayn happy thnx givin!!! But it will not freakn go away!! I thought it was jus on my iPod but i seen a comment askn y does it pop up on da screen evrytime she goes 2 all questions!!! Sorry if dis is botherin n e bdy else! But its so not ma fault, if i cud take it off i wud! Ugh, its so irritating

answers (3)

Something must be wrong with the default screen, because I can't see anything else either.  I had to go to the categories to look at the questions.  :)
On my computer if you go to the is it normal? category it brings up the normall screen as if you were in all categories. Not sure if it is the same for everyone elses though. Hope this helps :)
if you click on the 'is it normal' category, it brings up everything for me too.:)

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