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one week late..

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but I took 4 tests and all were negative. whats going on?

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It's not unheard of to be late, even if you're normally "on time" each month.  Stress, changes in diet, even changes in your level of activity can cause the start date of your period to change.  When my hubby and I were trying for Baby #2 earlier this year, I was 6 days late in January and 4 days late in February - both times I took multiple pregnancy tests that came back negative and eventually got my period.  In March, I was 5 days late when I took the test, and it came back positive!My advice: make sure that you're taking the pregnancy test first thing in the morning.  The hormone levels in your urine are highest at your "first pee of the day."  At this point in your pregnancy, if you are pregnant, the hormone levels might not be high enough to register if you test later in the day.  You also want to make sure, if you do decdie to take the test later in the day, that you don't drink huge amounts of fluids prior to the test, as this might dilute the hormones so the test doesn't pick them up.So, take good care of yourself and, if you still feel like you might be pregnant but your at-home tests are coming back negative, make an appointment with your OB/GYN.  If the urine-based pregnancy test in their office comes back negative, they can follow up with blood work to track your hormone levels and give you a much better indication of whether or not you are, in fact, pregnant.  Good luck!
I agree - stress plays a big role in getting your period on time.  My first quarter of college my sleep schedule was completely crazy, and I didn't have a period for three months because of it.  Try to minimize stressors, get on a regular sleep schedule, and if that doesn't bring it on, definitely have the blood test.  I have a friend who has a couple of kids, and for one of them a urine test just didn't work.  Who knows, eh?

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