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Only 4 weeks...

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I just found out that I am preg. This will be my first, and I am really scared!! Can anyone tell me some do's and don'ts and I keep hearing that most first time preg. end in a miscarrige? That Is really scaring me, is there anyone that can tell me about this? Thank you!!!!!

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That is very true. I had 3 misscarrige. I am now preg again 11 weeks. I would say get alot of rest, water, not alot of bending, no heavy lifting. Cut back on junk food and soda and kool-aid. Stay away from smoke and 2nd hand smoke. Talk to the doctor about anything. You can also email me at 
Don't be scared.  Miscarriages can happen.  Your body knows what to do, there are plenty of us on here that are proof that first pregnancies survive to become happy and healthy toddlers and children.  I will tell you, you will probably be nervous for a while.  Most first time moms are. I was throughout my first and trust me it's not good for you or the baby.  I ended up on bed rest due to my high blood pressure.  I just was so worried about everything that until I stepped back and relaxed it didn't go down. Get some books, you can check them out from the library, buy them or borrow from a friend.  Read up on what to expect. Start your prenatal vitamins now, even before your first doctor's appointment, you can get them over the counter at any drug store or Walmart.  Get the one with DHA on the label, most doctors are recommending those now, at least mine did.  Limit your caffeine intake (coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, etc) to 8-12 oz per day.  Drink lots of water.  Try to limit gatorade too, it has such high sodium not good for you or the baby unless you are sweating a lot.  Get some ginger ale and plain crackers when and if you get morning sickness (which can be at any time of day - don't let the name fool you) and some tums for heart burn.  Get plenty of sleep while you can - lol!Mostly, just enjoy this time in your life.  The more relaxed you are or try to be the better it will be for you and the baby.  Post your questions as you have them; these girls are a great bunch to help out and reassure you.  If you ever think theres a problem, call your doctor that's what they are there for. Hope this helps!  :)
I wanted to say, miscarriages can happen, but a lot of factors play into it.  It's hard to say why or what can definitely cause a miscarriage, because we women are all so different.  My cousin had 2 healthy kids, 2 miscarriages after them and is now pregnant again.  She lost both babies before at exactly 10 weeks, she's now 18 weeks and everything is going beautifully with this one.  (the doctors told her they thought it was due to low hormones and if it looked like they were low with this one they would give her something to increase them and increase the likelihood of the baby surviving - so far she hasn't needed them).  Sometimes I think it's just God's will.  All you can do is what you can do to have a healthy pregnancy, caring for yourself and your growing little one.  To:  Phillips336 - I'm sorry to hear about your previous miscarriages.  I'll be praying for a safe arrival of your little one. 
Once again thank *lissiemel* with them i was working +40 hours at a warehouse and didn't know till things was passing thur, this one we found out early due to taco bell coming back up. lol...
I recommend you to stay calmed and just enjoy every day of your pregnancy, I had a miscarriage last year in september with my first and with this one at the beginning i was really scared too!! but i am 20 wks right now and i take care of myself, i do not eat any fish, just tuna but very limited ike once a month or so, also don't drink lots of soda, coffee, chocolate, this things have a lot of caffeine on it, so just enjoy your pregnancy and think positive, everything will be fine! :)
Congrats on your preggo!  Im preg w my first too, i just hit 28wks, and so excited.  during the first 3 months all i could think was wow, this little tiny baby is the size of a grape, and i already love them sooo much, i couldn't understand it.  i was so worried about something happening, but my hubby encouraged me that the only thing i could do was take the best care of myself.  I continued working out, not so hard though, increased my H20, started my vitamins, and got the book, "what to expect when you're expecting", this book answered so many questions for me and even outlines a diet to follow.I pray that you have a smooth and joyful pregnancy.  and enjoy every minute that you have right now in celebrating this little person.
Don't be scared sweetie. Miscarriages do happen but not all first pregnancies end like that. I got pregnant for the first time when I was 16 and I didn't lose my baby. Stay calm and take it easy. Hope this brings you some encouragement! :)
Thank you all!! these answers are making me feel alot better..I will keep you updated!
Don't be so scared...worrying will only make you feel more streesed and that's not good for you or baby! First pregnancies do not always end in miscarriage...there are many factors that contribute to a miscarriage. I had my first child (my son) when I was 3 months shy of my 20th birthday. He will be 12yrs old in December, stands as tall as my shoulder-height (I'm 5'11"), and is a football player. Yesterday, we found out we are finally expecting our second child estimatedly on May, 31st 2011. We are just thrilled!! Like a previous poster said, limit your caffiene intake....also, stay away from green tea, it inhibits your bodies absorbtion of folic acid (VERY, VERY important for baby to prevent neural defects!!), don't smoke or drink, take your prenatal vitamins, be careful with eating fish too, some have a high mercury content tuna is OK though, don't take cold meds without consulting your doctor because many of them contain alcohol. That's all I can think of right mind has been sooo scattered lately, lol. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. OH, and look into the book "What to Expect When Your Expecting" it was my bible the first time around, so much so that when I gave birth I went out and got "What To Expect the First Year", and "What To Expect the Toddler Years"!!!

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