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opinions and advice....please!!!

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ok so my husband and i have been trying for a baby for about 7 months now and still no of my friends advised me to this site about the ovulation calculator. I did it and it said my next ovulation should be april 26th to the 29th. My husband and tried throughout those days and now...i am wondering...can i be pregnant. I have been having a few signs....such as...: frequent bathroom breaks. very tender breasts. up set stomach.....dont feel hungry but my stomach growels....sometimes i am even forcing myself to eat.... head bad that i want to cry!!! cramps in the lower abomomen area. frequent outta no where gas.... are any of those symtoms the early ones?? or am i convincing myself and its not true??

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They could be.  Your best bet is to get a home pregnancy test and see what it says.  I wish you a lot of luck.
alot of those are signs of early pregnancy. unless you are atleast 7-8 weeks most home pregnancy tests wont show a positive reading. i knew i was pregnant for this one by all those signs but had a few negitive results but once week 8 got here it came out positive. good luck :)

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