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I just had my baby on July 15th n i just came home from the hospital today. Im trying to breastfeed my baby but its very difficult cuz he wont latch on for nothing. Now my breast have become very swollen n are in so much pain cuz i have backed up milk in them. I try pumping but it seems to only make the pain worse after i get done. It feels better for a second but after an hour or so they become more swollen n more painful. Any remedies out their to help with the pain?

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I got a book called Breastfeeding: Keep It Simple, from my local WIC office.  It has some good information in it about breastfeeding and what to do when your breasts are swollen or sore.  It says that you can pump by hand just to relieve the pressure and suggests using warm, wet washcloths to help soothe and soften hard breasts.If you don't breastfeed or pump, you will lose your milk before long and the swelling wont be as much of a problem.
I also done the same thing with my first baby and I had to go to the Health Dept. and the nurse had to massage my breasts to get all of the milk  out(how embarassing) but anyways after it was all over with they gave me the best breast pump ever and I didnt have that problem anymore, so you may just need to check with the local health dept.
I had this problem when I had my daughter. I used a hand pump and relieved some of the milk, it gave me some relief and I had to do it quite often the first few days to get the relief. The good news though is that after about a week we got the hang of breastfeeding better and I was only producing the amount that she needed so I wasnt becoming swollen and sore. I would suggest that if you are having trouble with the latching on though then maybe you shoudl contact the hospital where you had the baby, they usually have a lactation consultant that can help with the beginning of the nursing. I had recieved help through her while we were still in the hospital and she was definitly a lifesaver. good luck and keep at it, it seemed that the first few weeks were rough and then it became much easier and was well worth my patience =)

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