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Ouch!! Back pain!

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I am 36 wks 5 days today and these last couple of days I have had the most severe back pain. It comes and goes and there is nothing that relieves it that I have found yet. I know I did work a lot this weekend on the house, cleaned that sucker till it shined then cleaned it some more. So i'm kinda thinking its from that. But usually it would be a constant pain like a soreness. I have tried walking, sitting, stretching, and drinking water. All day today its been like this and I'm beginning to get a headache and feel naseous. Please help!!

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I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well...  I had a friend who was experiencing severe back pain in the final trimester of her second pregnancy.  Her midwife suggested that she see a chiropractor because she might have sciatica.  The visits to the chiropractor definitely helped, even if they didn't take the pain away completely.  The good news: after the birth of her daughter, the back pain went away completely within a few days.  Good luck!

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