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Overdosing On Prenatal Vitamins? Is It Possible?

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Is it possible to overdose on prenatals? I'm suppose to take 1 a day.. and I can't remember if i took one earlier before i left for work.. and its been about 10 hours (if i did take one) and So i just took another one just now.. in case i didn't take it earlier.. I doubt this will cause any harm.. but I'm just curious.. to see what you mothers think? Please Let Me Know.. Thank you!

answers (4)

i dont think so much to much isnt good either..deff dont take more than 2 ina day (if you forgot one)
If I've forgotten if I've taken my vitamins one day, I'll just skip that day. I figure it's better to miss one day than take too many. I'm not sure what specific vitamins are in yours, but I know taking too much of a certain vitamin, like vitamin A, can be harmful to your baby.
Yes  ihave been told by my dr. that if i'm not sure if i took one today or even if i took it and maybe i thew up, not to take one. Ithink it is bad for the baby not for you, there could be too much iron and vitamins that could cause damage to the baby.
you really should only take one a day because of the iron in the supplement but it wont hurt your baby. Prenatal vitamins have all the vitamins and minerals and growin baby needs for one day because we all know we may not eat the best when we are pregnant so at least your baby will have what it needs when you take your supplement that way you arent counting fruits and veggies all day. It may be hard to go to the bathroom for a few days because thats what iron does to you but it also increases your blood count and that i what help your baby grow healthy. I always take my prenatal rite before bed so it doesnt make you nauseated cause sometimes it does. But your fine youre just tryin to be a good mom and at least you are makin sure that you do take them

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